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Text Book Chapters

  • Nanotribology of MEMS/NEMS, Fundamentals of friction and wear on the nanoscale
  • Nanostructured coatings for tribological applications
  • Laboratory techniques for evaluating friction, wear and lubrication
Text Book Chapters

“Tribo-Corrosion: Research, Testing, and Applications,”
ASTM STP 1563 (2013)
ed. Peter J. Blau, Jean-Pierre Celis, and Dirk Drees
ASTM International, West Conshohocken, PA.

Nanotribology of MEMS/NEMS, Fundamentals of friction and wear on the nanoscale
E. Gnecco, E. Meyer, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-540-36806-9, Publisher: Springer,
Series: NanoScience and Technology
Authors: S. Achanta, J.-P.Celis

Nanostructured coatings for tribological applications
Nanocoatings and ultra thin films
To be published, Woodhead Publishing (2011)
Authors: S. Achanta, D. Drees, J.-P.Celis

Laboratory techniques for evaluating friction, wear and lubrication
Greenbook on Tribocorrosion
To be published, Maney Publishing (2011)
Authors: S. Achanta, D. Drees, J.-P.Celis

List of Peer Reviewed International Publications by Topic

  • Coatings
  • Micro-/nano- Tribology
  • Tribocorrosion
  • Lubrication
  • Biomaterials

On the mechanical and tribological behavior of Al3Mg2 complex metallic alloys as bulk material and as coating,
Intermetallics, 18 (2010) 11, 2096 – 2104
S. Achanta, M. Feuerbacher, A. Grishin, X. Ye, J.-P.Celis

Evaluation of Thin Oxide Layers by a Microscratching Technique,
3rd Vienna International Conference NANO-TECHNOLOGY-VIENNANO’09
T. Van der Donck, M. Muchlado, J.-P. Celis, R. Hausbrand, D. Drees

Effect of hydrogen content in a-C:H coatings on their tribological behaviour at room temperature up to 150 °C,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 203 (2009) Pages 3472-3479
T. Van der Donck, M. Muchlado, W. Zein Eddine, S. Achanta, N.J.M. Carvalho, J.-P. Celis

Structure and mechanical properties of plasma sprayed nanostructures alumina and FeCuAl-alumina cermet coatings,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 202 (2008) Pages 2368 – 2373
A.K. Basak, S. Achanta, J.-P. Celis, M. Vardevoulias, P. Matteazzi

Effect of Al and Cr addition on tribological behavior of HVOF and APS nanostructured WC-Co coatings,
Transactions of the institute of metal finishing, Vol. 85 (2007) Pages 1-7
A. K.Basak, S. Achanta, P. Matteazzi, M.Vardavoulias, J.-P.Celis, M. DeBonte

Impact of corrosion on fretting damage of electrical contacts,
Proc. 52nd IEEE Holm Conference on Electrical Contacts, Sep 2006, Quebec, Canada
T.Liskiewicz, A.Neville, S.Achanta

Friction of thin coatings on three length scales under reciprocating sliding,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 188-189 (2004) Pages 511-518,
D.Drees, J.-P.Celis, S.Achanta

Lubricating reaction products on TiN coatings during sliding wear in phosphoric acid,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 135 (2000) Wit, D. Drees, P.-Q. Wu, J.-P. Celis.

Hybrid processes – a versatile technique to match process requirements and coating needs,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol.113, (1999) Pages 165-181,
J.-P. Celis, D.Drees, M.Z. Huq, P.Q. Wu, M. De Bonte.

Quantitative determination of through-coatings porosity in thin ceramic physically vapor-deposited coatings,
Thin Solid Films, Vol. 224 (1993) Pages 58-62,
J.-P. Celis, D. Drees, E. Maesen, J.R. Roos


Electrochemical techniques for studying tribocorrosion processes
Wear, Vol. 256 (2004) Pages 459-468
P. Ponthiaux, F. Wenger, D. Drees, J.-P. Celis

Corrosion-wear of passivating materials in sliding contacts based on a concept of active wear track area
Wear, Vol. 249 (2001) Pages 452-460
García, D. Drees, J.-P. Celis

Comparison of wear and corrosion wear of TiN coatings under uni-and bidirectional sliding,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 113 (1999) Pages 251-258
P.Q. Wu, D. Drees, L. Stals, J.-P. Celis

The electrochemical and wear behavior of amorphous diamond-like carbon coatings and multilayered coatings in aqueous environments,
Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 86-87 (1996) Pages 575-580.
D. Drees, J.-P. Celis, E. Dekempeneer, J. Meneve


Effects of He+ ion implantation on surface properties of UV-cured Bis-GMA/TEGDMA bio-compatible resins,
Nuclear Instruments & Methods, Vol. 269 (2011) Pages. 111-116
G.G.Fuentes, S.Achanta, et al.

Travan, I. Donati, E.Marsich, F. Bellomo, S. Achanta, M. Toppazzini, S.Semeraro, T. Scarpa, V. Spreafico, S. Paoletti,
Surface Modification and Polysaccharide Deposition on BisGMA/TEGDMA Thermoset,
Biomacromolecules, Vol. 11 (3), (2010) Pages 583–592
S.Achanta, J.Juhasz, D.Drees, Rushton, S.Best, Fretting behavior of fiber-reinforced composite materials, Proc. STLE 2010, Las Vegas, USA, Manuscript under preparation (2011)


Nanotribology on individual phases of duplex steel: Combining roughness, material effects, and friction,
International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering, (2011)
S.Achanta, J.-P.Celis, P.Ponthiaux, D.Drees,

On the scale dependence of Coefficient of Friction in unlubricated sliding contacts,
Wear, Vol. 269 (2010) Pages 435-442.
S.Achanta, J.-P.Celis.

Microtribology: new tools to fill the measurement gap,
Tribology: Materials, surface, and interfaces, Vol. 4, (2010) Pages 152-161
B.D.Beake, S. Achanta, T. Liskiewicz.

Friction mechanisms at the micro-scale
Tribology International, Vol. 42 (2009) Pages 1792-1799 (7th most downloaded article in year 2009-10)
S.Achanta, T Liskiewicz, D Drees, J.-P. Celis

Friction from nano to macro force scales analyzed by single and multiple asperity contact approaches
Surface Coatings and Technology, Vol. 202 (2008) Pages 6127-6135
S.Achanta, D.Drees, J.-P.Celis

Investigation of friction on hard homogeneous coatings during reciprocating tests at micro-Newton normal forces,
Wear, Vol. 263 (2007) Pages 1390-1396
S.Achanta, D. Drees, J.-P.Celis.

Investigation of friction in the meso normal force range on DLC and TiN coatings,
Journal of ASTM International, Vol. 4 (2007), Pages 1-12
S.Achanta, D.Drees, J.-P.Celis

Friction and nanowear of hard coatings in reciprocating sliding under milli-Newton loads,
Wear, Vol. 259, (2005) Pages 719-729
S. Achanta, Dirk Drees, J.-P.Celis.

A new tool for industrial tribology, filling the gap between macro and nanotribology
Lubrication science Vol. 11-2, (2004) Pages 137-142
S.Achanta, D.Drees, J.-P.Celis


Tribological behaviour of mineral and rapeseed oils containing iron particles,
Industrial Lubrication and Tribology (2015) Pages 308-314
— available through ResearchGate —

Characterization of cohesion, adhesion, and tackiness of lubricating greases using approach–retraction experiments,
Tribology International Vol. 44 (2011) Pages 1127-1133
S. Achanta, M.Jungk, D Drees

D.Drees Effect of iron micro-/nano- particle additives on tribological behavior of lubricating oils.
Proceedings Blattrib 2009 & STLE 2010 – submitted to Wear journal
T. Maliar, S. Achanta, D. Drees, H. Cesiulis

Effect of lubrication on fretting wear and durability of gold coated electrical contacts under high frequency vibrations
Tribology: Materials, surfaces and Interfaces, Vol. 2, (2008) Pages 57- 63(7)
S.Achanta, D.Drees

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