Falex Tribology nv has added a Miller Number Slurry Abrasion Test Machine to its already extensive tribotesters base. We can now perform your ASTM G75 or custom slurry abrasion tests in our lab in Belgium.

The Falex Miller Number Slurry Abrasivity Test Machine develops data on the relative abrasivity of any slurry (Miller Number), or response of different materials to abrasivity of slurries (SAR Number).

The Miller Number is an index of the relative abrasivity of slurries. Its primary purpose is to rank the abrasivity of slurries in terms of the wear of a standard reference material. The wear damage on the block is worse as the Falex Miller Number gets higher.

The SAR Number is an index of the relative abrasion response of materials as tested in any particular slurry of interest. The SAR Number is a generalized form of the Miller Number applicable to materials other than the referenced material used for the Miller Number determination. A major purpose is to rank construction materials for use in a system for pumping and fluid handling equipment for a particular slurry. The slurry damage on the specimen of material being tested is worse as the SAR Number gets higher.