By acquiring a Timken Extreme Pressure Test Rig, Falex Tribology nv has extended its standard test range available in Belgium with the ASTM D2509 and D2782 tests.

The Falex Timken Extreme Pressure Test Rig is one of the first commercially manufactured and most widely recognized testers for evaluating the load carrying capacity of extreme pressure lubricants. Originally developed in the 1930’s by the Timken Company, this tester evaluates fluid lubricants and greases containing extreme-pressure additives.

ASTM D2509 is the standard test method for measurement of load-carrying capacity of lubricating grease (Timken method). The test method is used widely for specification purposes and is used to differentiate between greases having low, medium, or high levels of extreme pressure characteristics.

ASTM D2782 is the standard test method for measurement of extreme-pressure properties of lubricating fluids. It is used widely for the determination of extreme pressure properties for specification purposes.